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Apple iPhone 5S is launched and as expected the device gone through many changes including processor, software and some design improvements. The biggest chnage is of-course the home button has gone and now you will find finger print scanner in round shape. Also some buttons places changed that’s why you cannot use your old case with this new edition. So if you are interested in buying some new cases than here is a list of top 10 Apple iPhone 5S cases for your new toy.

1. Case-Mate Naked Tough

Case-Mate Glam iphone 5s case

2. Elago S5 Outfit MATRIX

Elago S5 Outfit MATRIX iphone case

3. SwitchEasy Lanyard

SwitchEasy Lanyard iphone 5s case

4. Sena Lugano Wallet

Sena Lugano Wallet iphone 5s case

5. M-Edge Trina Turk Collection

M-Edge Trina Turk Collection iphone 5s case

6. The Snugg iPhone 5S Real Bamboo Wood Case

The Snugg iPhone 5S Real Bamboo Wood Case

7. Case-Mate Glam

Case-Mate Naked Tough iphone case

8. SwitchEasy Tones

SwitchEasy Tones iphone 5s case

9. Proporta iPhone 5S Case with Mirror

Proporta iPhone 5S Case with Mirror iphone 5s case

10. OtterBox Defender

OtterBox Defender iphone 5s cases